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From Tim Cook to Howard Schultz: Why CEOs Engage Firms in Social Activism

Maks-Solomon, Cory. 2019. “Cosmopolitan CEOs and Corporate Political Activity on Social Issues.” Working paper.

The median S&P 500 CEO is slightly conservative on social issues. Half of CEOs are conservative on social issues; half of CEOs are moderate or liberal on social issues.

The manuscript presents evidence that this variation in CEO social issues liberalism can explain variation in corporate political activity on social issues: Companies with socially-liberal CEOs at the helm engage more with the liberal side of social issues.

Why Do Corporations Engage in LGBT Rights Activism?

Maks-Solomon, Cory, and Josiah Drewry. 2018. “Corporate Activism on LGBT Rights.” In American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. Boston, MA.
  • A version of this research project received a Best Paper award at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.
  • Most recent draft of the paper is available here. And the appendix is available here.
Companies with LGBT employee groups made more public statements in support of LGBT rights–but only in highly-educated (high-skilled) workforces, where they have bargaining power with their employers.

The featured image shows the number of statements made by large corporations in support of LGBT rights by employee education (the percentage of non-management employees with a bachelor’s degree). Companies in the left panel had no LGBT employee group (ERG) while companies in the right panel did have an LGBT employee group.