Photo credit: Harrison Jones/The George Washington University

Thank you for visiting the website of Cory Maks-Solomon.

In spring 2015, I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a bachelor’s degree in Government and Politics. Beginning in fall 2015, I attended George Washington University’s PhD in Political Science program. Upon entry to the program, I was awarded the GWU Policy Studies Endowment Graduate Fellowship. My major field of study was American politics and my minor field was public policy. I also completed substantial coursework in quantitative methodology. In March 2020, I successfully defended my dissertation and my PhD will be conferred in May 2020. Beginning in the fall of 2020, I will be a congressional fellow with the American Political Science Association.

I study socioeconomic power in American politics, broadly defined. My research and teaching interests are in the politics of public policy, social welfare policy, business and politics, and class and inequality. My dissertation project–which is now a book manuscript–attempts to understand the recent trend in corporate political activity on social issues like LGBT rights and immigration.

My research has been published in the Policy Studies Journal and Political Research Quarterly. My CV can be viewed in the CV section of this website. You can also view manuscripts of works in progress and links to my published work in the Research section of this website.

I am currently on the job market (2020-2021), so please contact me if you have any questions or opportunities.