IMG_20180421_194813786_HDRHello! Thank you for visiting the website of Cory Maks-Solomon, PhD candidate at The George Washington University.

In Spring 2015, I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a bachelor’s degree in Government and Politics, with my honors thesis awarded high honors. As of Fall 2015, I am attending George Washington University’s PhD in Political Science program, studying American Politics and Public Policy. Upon entry to the program, I was awarded the GWU Policy Studies Endowment Graduate Fellowship. My major field is American politics and my minor field is public policy, although I completed considerable coursework in political science methodology. I advanced to candidacy in Spring 2018 upon defending my dissertation prospectus.

Generally, my research and teaching interests are in American political institutions and public policy; and thematically, my research usually relates to class and inequality. More specifically,  my research interests are in: representation in Congress, business and public policy, public policy creation at the federal and state/local levels, social welfare policy, and economics and politics. My dissertation project attempts to understand the recent trend in corporate political activity on moral policy issues.

My CV can be viewed in the CV section of this website. You can also view manuscripts of working papers and links to my work in the Research section of this website.